9 Steps to Forming an SAT Prep Habit: Step 7

Step 7: Set Check-Ins for Yourself and Establish a Good Ruler for Your Progress!

A lot of the time, the reason folks don’t see progress is because it’s happening at a level that is too minuscule to truly perceive.

He needed a way to remember — and then be cheered on by — his own success.

He needed a way to measure his success at the tiniest level — because if he didn’t, he’d have given up.

Keep your eye on the big picture, not little ups and downs, and take note of the overall direction — that’s what actually counts.

Because the SAT is a complicated test, most students have to make a lot of connections in their heads — they are having epiphanies about:

As parents and students, we expect progress to be linear — the same from day to day — but that just isn’t true, based on the way humans improve over time.

PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP on your SAT HABIT. IT WILL WORK — you just have to find the right way to measure your progress. Because every day that you work, you WILL get better — as long as you’re figuring out what went wrong last time so you can improve for next time. It’s about measuring your progress and assessing your mistakes.

So now we’ve talked about patience — but how do we measure progress?

The kinds of check-ins you set for yourself should be small and measure exactly what you’re working on. Keep the Google Sheets weight loss guy in mind:

And just remember: ANY progress is good progress. If you believe you’ll get there, you will.



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